Sea-Land Chemical Co. to Represent INVISTA C12™ Diacids

April 14, 2014

Sea-Land Chemical Co. has signed a formal distributor agreement with INVISTA as a North American distributor of dodecanedioic acid and CORFREE® M1 acid, effective Dec. 1, 2013.

INVISTA is a global company with a portfolio that includes advantaged intermediate chemical technologies, high performance polymers and differentiated fiber and other downstream products. The company delivers exceptional value to customers through market insights, technological innovations and a powerful portfolio of some of the most recognized global brands, trademarks and products in its respective industries. INVISTA’s products play a part in everyday life, including the bristles on a toothbrush, nylon fibers and plastics in your kitchen appliances and polyester polymers in your computer screen and food packaging.

The products that Sea-Land Chemical Co. now distributes are INVISTA’s C12™ high performance long chain acids. The primary industries for such products include metal working lubricants, coatings and corrosion inhibitors.

“INVISTA is excited to formalize our working relationship with Sea-Land as we expect to build upon each other’s strengths and advantages to provide excellent value and service for the market,” stated Ed Sullivan, INVISTA C12™ global business director.

“The CORFREE® products have a long history of being used in the lubricant industry,” commented Joe Clayton, President of Sea-Land Chemical Co. “Having the ability to market and distribute these products offers our customers one more solution for their formulating needs.”

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