Season’s Greetings

December 15, 2014


Yes, it really is that time of year.

When I was young, I used to say to my mother that time seemed to move too slowly. She would then tell me that as I grow older, time would move quicker than I would like, and she was right!

Everyone seems to be busy these days with work, families and trying to keep in contact with friends. It is hard to find time to stop and think about what we are doing and what is happening to others.

At this time of the year I try to take a couple hours here and there to think about the upcoming year and beyond. It can be as simple as reviewing the family finances to “what do I want to be when I grow up”. These can be reflections of current situations or thoughts about the future. Everyone owes it to themselves to take some time to just look out the window and let your mind wander.

As far as thinking about others at this time of the year, I am very proud of my co-workers. Several years back we decided as a company that rather than give gifts to each other we would donate to a local charity. Jen Larocco in our office, along with several others, has been organizing this for the past several years. She tries to get everyone involved.

Here is an excerpt from her email updating all of our employees:

“… just wanted to send you a picture (see below) of all the gifts that our little elves bought for our families this year. The employees donated a total of $1949.00 dollars!!! Wow!!!! Great Job everyone!! And then the company matched that amount, so we were able to get many gifts for our adopted families.”


1 family has a mother that is suffering from Terminal Cancer, and Father is waiting for Kidney Transplant. They have 3 children 2 other families are single mothers each with 2 small children.

I would like to thank all the shoppers and gift wrappers this year!  We are so lucky to have such kind and considerate employees working here at Sea-Land. We are going to make this holiday very special for our adopted families.

It is nice to know that during this Holiday Season and throughout the year we all give in our own way.

A special “Thank you” to our Customers, Suppliers and Employees that all make Sea-Land Chemical a special place to work and one that I have the great opportunity to lead.

Best wishes for the Holidays and Happy New Year!