Sea-Land Chemical Tests Out New Waters

February 15, 2015

Sea-Land Chemical Co. of Westlake has created a new subsidiary for testing, SLC Testing Services, which acquired the assets of Valparaiso, Ind.-based Tribsys LLC for an undisclosed amount.

The subsidiary eventually will be based in the Cleveland area and likely will employ two to three people, said president Joe Clayton. While small, the subsidiary marks a new area of service for the employee-owned specialty chemicals distributor. Sea-Land has 49 employees.

This is the first time the company has offered testing services, Clayton said. SLC Testing Services will offer what it calls Twist Compression Tests, which can test a lubricant in a high-pressure environment in which those products tend to fail, said Ted McClure, group leader of technical resources.

McClure, who had been at Tribsys before joining Sea-Land, said this test is commonly used in metalworking. If a company is taking a piece of sheet metal and forming it into a shape like a fender, it has to apply a thin film of lubricant on it before it can go into the press — and if that fails, the mold can become welded to the tool, causing damage to both, McClure said.The equipment will be able to be used by customers and suppliers, Clayton said. The goal is to develop more testing services or purchase more machines in the future. The company is currently looking for a new location in the Cleveland area for the equipment, which for now is in Indiana. — Rachel Abbey McCafferty