A Prepared Life for an Ever Changing World

January 31, 2017

Recently, there have been several terrorist and environmental incidents here and abroad that have threatened our normal way of life. Short of building a bunker to protect yourself and living the rest of your life underground, we must find ways to be prepared as best we can when these situations occur.

We all have to be aware both when traveling abroad and now at home for any type of instance. These can take the form by events such as fire, weather or terrorism. When you are with large groups try to feel comfortable, and if not, move away to an area where there is more space. When entering a new store, mall or even restaurant casually look for the exit signs. Being in the chemical industry for many years, it is standard practice at the beginning of every visit to discuss evacuation plans in case of an emergency.

Over the years, I have traveled abroad, mostly to Europe, and have tried to blend in when possible. While I am proud to be an American, there are others in this world that do not understand or appreciate our country’s views. On the humorous side, on my first trip to China many years ago, I noted in a call to my wife that this particular strategy wasn’t working due to my height and size.

Here are some links to government information:

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Two personal comments about handling disasters. First, several years ago when my mother and step-father moved to Florida full time they attended a talk by the local fire department about what happens during a hurricane. My mother was struck by the comment made that it’s not so much the hurricane but the need to be prepared for the 3 to 5 days afterwards without electricity and water. Having food, cash, water and gas tanks filled were all excellent ways of being prepared.

The second is that we are all tied to the internet and cell phones. We should all be prepared for a national catastrophe, even a war, where there could be loss of cell phones and the Internet. Discussing what would happen ahead of time may sound a little bizarre but better it said than being unprepared. As an example, my son and daughter-in-law live in southern California. I have already told him that in such an event where we might lose contact to stay with his wife and her family rather than coming out and trying to look for us. My son, whom I love dearly, would take it upon himself to try to make his way to us. Better he stayed where he is and we would have the better chance to get to him.

Just like insurance, these are things that you need when things go bad. You hope that you never have to use them but in this changing world we are all forced to be more aware of our surroundings. Be prepared, it is a crazy world out there.

All the best and please be safe,

Joe Clayton