SLC Testing Services Relocates to Westlake, Ohio

July 29, 2016

SLC Testing Services is now offering twist compression testing services (TCT) at its new Westlake, Ohio, location. These services, previously based in Valparaiso, Indiana, are designed to determine how a lubricant will perform under severe conditions.

SLC Testing Services was formed in January 2015 when Sea-Land Chemical Co. acquired assets of TribSys, LLC. With this acquisition, Sea-Land Chemical Co. was able to establish an independent, for-profit business entity dedicated to testing and research. SLC Testing Services is currently focused on the evaluation of products for finished lubricant manufactures, additive suppliers, lubricant end-users, and academic researchers. The SLC Testing Services team is also actively exploring additional testing services that will assist customers and partners to reach their formulation goals.

“With so many challenges facing our industry, it’s essential that manufacturers have the tools they need to reduce development times and manage research costs,” said Sea-Land Chemical Co. president, Joseph Clayton.

Twist compression testing measures how a lubricant blend will perform under specific conditions with various surfaces. Its applications include, but are not limited to the automotive, transportation, steel, aluminum and coatings industries.

Ted McClure, Team Leader of Technical Resources at SLC Testing Services, recently gave a presentation on twist compression testing of chlorinated paraffin and chlorinated paraffin replacements on various metals. The presentation is available in its entirety at

“Chlorinated paraffin replacement is clearly one of the major requirements that we are addressing for customers today,” McClure said. “We are continuing to develop new testing procedures for this and a variety of other applications.”