Sea-Land Chemical Co. Acquires Tribsys LLC

May 5, 2015

SLC Testing Services, Inc., a newly formed subsidiary of Sea-Land Chemical Co., has acquired the assets of Tribsys LLC. The new company will offer Twist Compression Tests, which measure lubricant failure at high pressures in a variety of metalworking and industrial applications. As this business grows in the future, it may look to add further testing equipment to satisfy the innovation needs of companies supplying the lubricants industry.

“SLC Testing Services will operate as a separate entity and its own profit center,” said Joe Clayton, president of Sea-Land Chemical Co. “This will allow us to offer independent third-party testing to companies that blend finished lubricants, to those that supply components to the lubricant industry and lubricant end-users, and to academic individuals while maintaining confidentiality with these SLC Testing Services clients.”