Sea-Land Chemical Expands Leadership Team

September 20, 2016

Developing an executive team at Sea-Land Chemical Co. with experience has always been an important part of managing the company for long-term success.  In this continued effort, Sea-Land Chemical has announced expanded new roles and responsibilities for members of the Executive Team which will be effective October 1, 2016.  In his role as Executive Vice President of NAFTA Regional Sales, Mark Christeon, will now include oversight of Canadian Operations and to explore expansion in other geographic territories such as Mexico.  Craig Lundell has been named Sr. Vice President of Supplier Relations and National Accounts. Jennifer Altstadt has been named Sr. Vice President of Operations and Strategy. Furthermore, Mark Getsay, CFO, has Sr. Vice President of Finance added to his title and Jack McKenna will have additional responsibility as Vice President – Business Development.

Joseph Clayton, President, stated “These changes will continue to strengthen our organization and ensure we are prepared for the future.”

Employee-owned Sea-Land Chemical Co. has proven staying power and offers the experience, technical expertise, selection and industry knowledge to help its customers manage their specialty chemical supply needs year after year.  “Serving our customers is top priority and these appointments supports this endeavor,” stated Mark Christeon.

Sea-Land Chemical Co. was recently awarded the 2016 Business Longevity Award by the Power Players of Cleveland, in recognition of the organization’s continued ability to adapt and evolve with changing times. The expansion of the leadership team is yet another example of Sea-Land’s commitment to ongoing improvement.