Counter Rust™ 199

Counter Rust™ 199 is a super concentrated, water-based corrosion inhibitor designed to protect all ferrous metals and several non-ferrous metals at low treat rates. Counter Rust 199 is partially neutralized, requiring the addition of an alkanolamine for optimal corrosion protection. It is ideal for use in synthetic metalworking fluids, alkaline cleaners and water-based quenchants. The benefits for Counter Rust 199 include:

  • Effective protection for ferrous and several non-ferrous metals at low treat rate
  • Low foaming
  • Non-tacky film removable with alkaline cleaners
  • Will not stain yellow metals


  • Additive Package


  • Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Low Foam
  • Non-Staining


Market Segments:

  • Metalworking Fluid


  • Metalworking Fluid - Other