Dispelair® CF750

Dispelair® CF750 is a high performance defoamer with a high activity blend of surface-active polymers specially formulated for use in aqueous metalworking fluid concentrates.  Dispelair CF750 is based on 3D siloxane chemistry and has excellent compatibility in the oil concentrate.  The product has been designed for use in hydraulic fluids, conventional soluble oils, semi-synthetic metalworking fluids and fully synthetic fluids.


  • Defoamer


  • Antifoam
  • Defoamers


Market Segments:

  • Industrial
  • Metalworking Fluid
  • Municipality


  • Industrial Hydraulic Fluid
  • Metalworking Fluid - Cutting/Machining
  • Metalworking Fluid - Grinding
  • Metalworking Fluid - Other