Synative® ES 2911

Synative® ES 2911 is a biodegradable,  isodecyl pelargonate base stock.  Synative ES 2911 exhibits unusually low viscosity characteristics and is especially suitable for extremely low temperature applications.  Synative ES 2911 provides the formulator with an economical blending fluid for low temperature modification of industrial and automotive lubricants.  Additionally, Synative ES 2911 possesses the flash point and volatility characteristics of low viscosity (75 SUS) solvent-extracted naphthenic oils.  The product is suitable for use in formulating all-weather automatic weapons lubricants.


  • Isodecyl Pelargonate


  • Base Stock


Market Segments:

  • Industrial
  • Transportation


  • Industrial Hydraulic Fluid
  • Industrial Lubricant - Other
  • Two-Stroke/Four-Stroke Engine Oil