Tego® Antifoam 692

Tego® Antifoam 692 is a 100% active defoamer compound based on an organomodified siloxane. It is particularly suitable as a pre-defoamer for a wide range of emulsifiable metalworking fluids (MWF). Tego Antifoam 692 can be applied to soluble oils and semi-synthetic fluids based on mineral oils or ester oils as well as for MWF that are based on blends of these. It may also improve the foaming behavior of water-soluble MWF. Tego Anifoam 692:

  • Provides excellent foam knock down and hold down properties
  • Shows an outstanding long-lasting defoaming persistence
  • Provides excellent filterability properties, which minimizes the amount of additional tank side defoamer
  • Allows the formulation of stable MWF concentrates
  • Is free of silicone oils


  • Organomodified Siloxane


  • Defoamers


Market Segments:

  • Metalworking Fluid


  • Metalworking Fluid - Other